Enter Amazon Activation Code

Switch on your Smart TV. Now, on the homepage, go to your Amazon Prime App, or, if you don’t have it then download it from your app store or play store. Now, open the app and go to the sign-in option. You will receive an amazon code, visit www.amazon.com/mytv and enter amazon activation code on your smartphone or laptop. Now, type in the code and click on the enter option. You will receive a notification on your TV. Enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows.

Download and install the Amazon Prime app.

1. Go to www.amazon.com/mytv.
2. Sign in to your Amazon account.
3. Enter amazon activation code on your Smart TV screen and then click Continue.
4. Your Smart TV will display a successful message once the activation code confirms to be valid.
5. You will then be able to explore Amazon prime contents on your Smart TV.

Signing in to Your Amazon Prime Account

Once Amazon Prime Video is installed on your Smart TV you need to log in to your account. Launch the Amazon Prime Video app to get started.and here’s what to do next:

1. Select Sign in and start watching
2. Enter the email address linked with your Amazon Prime Account
3. Enter your Amazon Prime Account password
4. Select Sign in using our secure server
5. Select Continue once the sign in process completes

Activation Procedure of amazon my tv

The Amazon Prime Activation Code is a six digit code that shows up on your TV screen when you click on Register on amazon.com/mytv . Presently, the activation code is the thing that you will enter when you go to Prime video and sign in to your Prime video. Follow the given procedure to activate amazon prime:

1. You should first visit the app store on your smart tv
2. Add the Amazon Prime application to your channel list
3. Launch the same after successfully adding to your list of channels.
4. Then click the Registration option after locating it
5. You can now find the verification code popping up on your TV screen
6. Note down the code and visit amazon.com/mytv using internet browser application
7. Sign in to your Amazon account using your login credentials such as your Username and Password
8. Enter the unique activation code that you got from the TV screen
9. Register your device by confirming the activation code